Before You Hire A Contractor

Before You Hire A Contractor Hiring a contractor to do a job for your home can be quite daunting, especially when you hire one you do not know. Thankfully New Jersey has some of the nation’s strongest consumer protection laws to safeguard homeowners: the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and the New Jersey Home Improvement Act. Both require contractors and builders to annually register with the state Division of Consumer Affairs. Without registering, they will not be issued municipal construction permits, meaning that they not able to conduct business. Without this permit, contractors and builders are considered not capable to perform any improvements.

Before hiring a contractor or builder for your home projects, make sure they have this permit. This will help ensure the person you enlist is someone that has made the effort to be registered and received the proper permits. These requirements are not necessarily well known, and if this is your first time retaining someone to do work, you might not even know whether they are registered and permitted to do the work you want them to do. Thankfully, because of the strict consumer protection laws in the state, you are protected from a number of contractor or builder’s violations.

Even if your chosen workmen are registered and have the proper permits, there is still room for potential disputes. Constructing a contract between you and your builder can be very difficult, especially if you are not sure about what should be realistically manageable, acceptable, or if the contractor is over estimating. Seeking the assistance of an attorney experienced in creating contracts specifically for homeowners and contractors can help make the process easier. It would also be helpful in the event there is a problem during the completion of the project. Mark A. Schneider has experience as a new homebuilder, a real estate agent, and an attorney specializing in contracts between homeowners and contractors. Protect yourself and your home; call today at (609) 242-9337.