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$2000 Fine For Failing To Register As A New Homebuilder

Having marketable skills in construction and home improvement know-how can lead to a very good job as a homebuilder, but there can be some serious implications if you fail to register with the New Home Warranty Program in New Jersey. Without this registration, or conducting business with an expired registration, can lead to fines up … Continue reading $2000 Fine For Failing To Register As A New Homebuilder


Is Your Contractor Following Proper Guidelines?

Ever since Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey coastline, people and businesses have been struggling to rebuild the damage in its wake.  To date it is the second costliest hurricane since 1900, with about fifty billion dollars in total damages and over 346,000 homes damaged in New Jersey alone.  With so much left to repair, it’s opened a large need for handymen in the home improvement and new home builders industry.  Problems with insurance payouts have exacerbated the issue. If you were part of the group caught up in this scenario, it might be tempting to accept an offer from any guy who says he can do what you need, cheap, just to get the job done.  But is your contractor following proper guidelines?  Did you know that all home improvement contractors in the State of New Jersey need a license to perform home repair work?