Help! My Driver’s License Was Suspended

My Driver’s License Was SuspendedA freedom enjoyed by so many over the age of 17: driving. There’s nothing like driving down the parkway heading to the shore or up to the city; that is until a police officer stops you. Maybe you were going a little over the speed limit, but you pull over and prepare yourself for the inevitable “license and registration please”. You hand over your driver’s license, your registration, and proof of insurance, expecting to hear the reason for being stopped. Suddenly, the officer tells you that your license is currently suspended.

This is a scary situation that people rarely expect to be in; usually if your license is suspended you would know why, especially for a DWI or too many points. If neither of those apply to you, you may be completely confounded as to how your license could be suspended. There could be a simple mistake such as a paper misplacement, a change of address, or the payment of a late fine that could have caused the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to suspend your license.

These simple mistakes however, are not so simple to excuse you from driving with a suspended license. Many times, they will still try to hold you responsible for the mistake, and the penalty could be severe. First time offense of driving with a suspended license is a $500 fine and you could lose your license up to six months.

Do not let a simple mistake ruin your good driving record. If you are facing a driving with a suspended license charge, call Mark A. Schneider today. He is an experienced attorney with only one goal in mind: to get you the justice you deserve. Call today at (609) 242-9337.