NJ Home Improvement Act

NJ Home Improvement Act

The Consumer Fraud Act (“CFA”) is a group of laws written to provide comprehensive protection to consumers in a commercial transaction(s) and to protect consumers in New Jersey from deceptive business practices. Within the CFA, The New Jersey Home Improvement Act further protects homeowners from deceptive practices, false pretenses and omission of material facts. If you are a contractor facing allegations of consumer fraud via a home improvement contract you should seek the aid of an experienced attorney. Mark A. Schneider is a certified New Home Builder in New Jersey and Florida, and a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in both NewJersey and Florida.

While the Consumer Fraud Act and the Home Improvement Act often favor the consumer, leaving home improvement contractors being sued/counter-sued even when their performance is satisfactory, not all unsatisfactory workmanship is consumer fraud. A violation of the Home Improvement Practices Act is also a violation of the New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act which enables New Jersey homeowners to seek triple the amount of any losses caused by a Home Improvement Contractor. Additionally, the homeowner may be able to recover attorneys’ fees and costs in a lawsuit.

Consumer Fraud Act

Under the Home Improvement Act contractors may not:

  • demand final payment before a job is done and the work has been inspected
  • misrepresent the products or materials used
  • start work before all permits are obtained
  • make misrepresentations about a competitor
  • fail to begin work in a timely manner
  • offer gifts or freebies without disclosing the terms and conditions of the offer
  • use “bait and switch” tactics
  • promise a “Cadillac” and deliver a “Yugo”
  • fail to provide all parties with copies of the contract, warranties and disclosures.
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New Jersey Home Improvement Fraud

If a New Jersey homeowner is a victim of New Jersey Home Improvement fraud, the homeowner may be entitled to relief by way of cancellation of fraudulent debts, treble damages for loss of money or property, attorney’s fee payment and a refund of money lost.

If you are a contractor in New Jersey and are facing a lawsuit for a Home Improvement Act violation you need an attorney who is familiar with consumer laws and has first-hand experience in the home building industry. You need an attorney who understands the difference between an act of fraud and a finicky consumer. Mark A. Schneider has over 25 years of legal and real estate experience and can protect you and your business from the consequences of a fraud trial. Conversely, Mark is also able to protect the rights of homeowners who were violated by a fraudulent home improvement contractor. Call Attorney Mark A. Schneider today for a free consultation to discuss your Home Improvement Act violation case 609-242-9337.

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