New Home Builders Registration

New Home Builder Registration

Violations in NJ

New Home Builder Registration violations can taint your reputation as a New Home Builder, and that is the last thing you need when running your business. According to the New Home Warranty and Builders’ Registration Act, a new home builder must not only register with authorities before beginning construction, but also provide a Warranty for each new home built and give a Warranty for additional services provided. Many New Home Builders making Sandy Super Storm replacements don’t realize that they will also need a Home Improvement Contractor License to demolish, remove or replace an existing single family home. Attorney Mark A. Schneider has been a New Home Builder in both New Jersey and Florida and can provide the first-hand knowledge needed to represent your company in a registration violation case.

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New Home Builder Registration

New Home Builders Registration NJ

All Builders of owner-occupied new homes such as single family, townhouse, duplex, co-op, condominium, factory-built, and modular residences are required to register with the New Home Warranty Program in New Jersey. If a New Home Builder has not registered with the State and starts construction, the Builder could have his license taken away. Builders who fail to register and/or maintain a current registration are subject to fines up to $2,000. For each home sold while the Builder was not registered, the Builder will be charged with a separate offense/fine. Home Improvement Contractor violations subject the New Home Builder to a 4th degree crime.

New Home Warranty

New Home Builders Warranty

The law in New Jersey requires New Home Builders to provide a 10-year Limited Warranty against faults in construction, materials used and other issues/defects. As the warrantor, the Builder is supposed to take responsibility for defects and fix the problems outlined in the Warranty. During the closing transaction, the builder must present a copy of the Warranty to the buyer that outlines the specifics of the Warranty. If Proof of Warranty is not made available to the Construction Official in the Town of the new home then a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) cannot be issued for residency to take place.

The New Home Warranty and Builder’s Registration Act also provides a process for dispute resolution between the Builder and the Homeowner in regards to covered defects. If a Builder is found negligent and/or does not participate in this dispute settlement process, the Builder’s registration can be suspended or revoked, during which time the builder may not build any new homes.

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