Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk Driving Charges

The terms “drunk driving”, “driving while intoxicated”,”driving while impaired”, “DWI”, “driving under the influence” and “DUI” have come to mean the same thing in New Jersey. All of these terms describe a violation of NJ statute 39:4-50; “Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol”. A conviction here carries severe and lifetime consequences. If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated you need the help of an experienced defense attorney immediately. Mark A. Schneider has over 25 years of experience defending the rights of those accused of driving while intoxicated throughout New Jersey.

Drunk Driving Charges are Serious- Call Mark A. Schneider Immediately

Drunk Driving Charges

Minimum Sentence For DUI

The penalties for driving under the influence and breath test refusal are very serious. Although not considered “crimes” in New Jersey, those who are convicted of these offenses are punished more severely than most people convicted of crimes. For a First Offense, you could lose your driving privileges for a period from three months up to one year, spend up to 30 days in jail and pay about $850.00 in fines.

For a Second Offense, you are subject to a two year loss of license, up to 90 days in jail, 30 days community service, a vehicle interlock device and more than $1,000.00 in fines. For a Third or subsequent conviction, you can spend six months in jail, ten year loss of license, 90 days community service, a vehicle interlock device and thousands of dollars in fines. These penalties can be doubled when children are in your vehicle or in some school zone cases.

There are several factors that tend to make the courts believe a defendant deserves greater punishment than those outlined above, including:

  • An accident and its victims input
  • Children were in the vehicle with you
  • High breathalyzer readings (i.e. 0.15 or more)
  • Bad driving history
  • Offenses soon after restoration of driving privileges
  • Poor relations with the police involved in the stop
  • Unusual or dangerous driving leading to the police stop

Calling on Experts

Because the laws are stacked against the driver, it is important to use experts in defense of a DUI charge. Mark regularly uses recognized experts to challenge the State’s evidence. Often our Medical Doctors are able to explain your driving and field sobriety test performances. Our other experts challenge the Alcotest machine operation or the police officer’s improper procedures. Mark A. Schneider regularly calls upon Dr. Lance Gooberman MD, Dr. Richard Saferstein Phd and former New Jersey State Troopers Gill Snowden & Herb Leckie and Kevin Flanagan for their expert opinions and trial testimony.

If you hire Mark A. Schneider, Esq. to represent you, he will personally appear in Court with you. No other associate will be assigned to your case. He will take the time to fully discuss the State’s charges against you and the possible defenses you may have to those charges. Before you attempt to resolve any of these charges alone, call to discuss your case, at 609-242-9337.

Driving While Impaired

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