Municipal Charges

Municipal Charges

Most people’s only experience with the law happens when they get a Motor Vehicle ticket or are charges with a Petty Disorderly Person’s Offense. Municipal Courts handle some Drug Possession charges, Drunk Driving Offenses, Disorderly Persons Offense, Traffic Offense and Land Use or Ordinance Violations and Neighborhood disputes. With over 25 years of legal practice throughout New Jersey, Mark A. Schneider is able to represent clients facing charges in Municipal Court.

Some of the most common cases within the Municipal Courts are traffic related violations such as speeding, careless driving and DWI. Depending on the severity of the incident, these punishments can range from a no point ticket with a small fine to being required to spend six months in jail and a ten year loss of your driver’s license, thousands of dollars in fines, surcharges and insurance increases. Protect your rights by seeking the guidance of an experienced Municipal Court defense attorney.

Traffic Stop

Also commonly heard violations in the Municipal Court of New Jersey are Disorderly Persons (and Petty Disorderly Persons) Offenses often referred to as DP’S; these are less severe criminal offenses which may subject those convicted to up to six months in jail for each conviction. Typical DP’S include some drug possessions, fighting, trespassing and theft or shoplifting offenses.

If you are facing a Traffic Violation or a Disorderly Persons Offense, Mark A. Schneider is available to help protect your rights. One of the most important things you can do after being ticketed or arrested is to remain silent and contact your attorney. Call Mark today for a free consultation to protect your rights in your Municipal Court case 609-242-9337.

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