Expungements in NJ

Expungements in NJ

A blemish on your criminal record can have unforeseen consequences far into your future making it hard to get a job, rent an apartment or get into college. The good news is that with an expungement, you can get your conviction or arrest removed from your records*. New Jersey Attorney Mark A. Schneider has over 25 years of defense experience and can advise you of your eligibility to expunge your records.

If you were arrested but never convicted of a crime, you may apply to have the related criminal record expunged if actions against you were dismissed or you were acquitted/found not guilty. If your case was dismissed after you completed a prescribed treatment program you must wait 6 months to file for an expungement.

Expungements in NJ

If you were convicted of a crime in New Jersey, the law allows the expungement of many criminal convictions after successfully completing your sentence but only after a certain period of waiting. For an indictable offense the typical waiting period is 10 years. However, in some circumstances, if we can show “good cause” some criminal convictions can be expunged after five years. A disorderly persons offense requires that you wait 5 years and local Ordinance violations require a two year wait.

It is important to note that an expungement does not literally delete a criminal record but rather seal it from public search. Under certain conditions, disclosure of a criminal conviction is needed (for instance when applying for a position in a government office).

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*Some crimes cannot be expunged. This list is not exhaustive:

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