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$2000 Fine For Failing To Register As A New Homebuilder

$2000 Fine For Failing To Register As A New HomebuilderHaving marketable skills in construction and home improvement know-how can lead to a very good job as a homebuilder, but there can be some serious implications if you fail to register with the New Home Warranty Program in New Jersey. Without this registration, or conducting business with an expired registration, can lead to fines up to $2,000. It can be difficult to handle the legal aspects of your homebuilding career when you are working hard to create your customers’ dream homes. Staying on top of your registration and the different requirements you must follow for each separate project is very important to keep your career on track and your company from facing a fourth degree crime.

From keeping up-to-date on your registration to issuing a 10-year limited warranty to the homeowners, you have many things to do in addition to providing your customers with the actual work. A 10-year limited warranty must be written that outlines specifically what the builder takes responsibility for if there are any faults, defects, and issues. This warranty must be presented to the customer at the closing transaction. They need proof of the warranty to show to the town’s construction official in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

As a new homebuilder, you have additional responsibilities. Sometimes it can become overwhelming and you may slip up and forget something. Contact attorney Mark A. Schneider if you are in need of expert legal guidance, especially in drawing up a contract or warranty. As licensed new home builder himself, he has experience you need to assist you with the finer details of your required paperwork to ensure that nothing is left out. Call today at (609) 242-9337